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I’m all caught up on Once Upon a Time! (Can’t wait until March). I’m now catching up on OUAT Wonderland, and will start watching Merlin soon (I know, I’m late).
There is one thing that I have come to realize about myself from watching these shows…I actually support evil over good. Regina (and Rumple) I love. I’m loving the Red Queen in Wonderland, and although I haven’t started watching it yet, I know I’ll love Morgana.

What does this say about me?

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Anonymous asked: hey! do you make all your own gifs? is so what program do you use?


Pretty much anything on my page I’ve done, unless the tag shows “reblog”. You could also click the link at the top that says ‘My Posts only’ to see.

I use GIMP (alternative to photoshop) to create the gifs. To capture the images I just use VLC player.

Might be a slight learning curve, but after you create one or two it becomes quite easy (easier than Photoshop IMO).

Both programs (GIMP & VLC) are free and cross-platform (Linux, OSX or windows).

— 8 months ago
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Anonymous asked: what is it about regina and gold that you like most? they are evil after all! lol!


There are a few things.

Despite what both have done, I do see the good in them. 

I think once we found out what it was that made them both become ‘evil’, it’s something I can understand and (sort of) relate to.

With Rumple, I think what I like most is that you have this ‘hideous monster' that has done countless terrible things. But then you have this beautiful woman that actually does end up noticing him and falling in love, bringing out that good.
I guess it really is that ‘beauty and the beast’ thing — which I think (though most won’t admit it), guys like to see.

(I’m still getting caught up on OUAT, starting season 3 tonight).

— 8 months ago